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Process technology


The use of recycled materials as a substitute for virgin material in order to produce in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way is becoming increasingly important in the plastics industry. As recycled plastic has a significantly better carbon footprint than virgin material, this issue is sure to become even more important.

FDU has numerous advantages that favour the use of recycled plastic and make your production a lot "greener".

The advantages in detail:

  • Blockages at the narrow point of the cavity are almost impossible with a large slot geometry.
  • Due to its large outlet cross-sectional area, the FDU causes a significantly lower shear stress in the plastic melt, which means that shear-critical materials and additives can be processed without any problems.
  • Despite the large outlet cross-section to the cavity, the FDU has optimum break-off behaviour and an optimum heat balance, which opens up a much larger process window for you, where the production parameters can be adjusted more easily.
  • The specific pressure loss in the FDU nozzle is lower compared to a round nozzle. This means that the material is processed gently. In addition, depending on the material type, a higher cavity pressure is available.
  • A significantly higher injection speed, the higher level of cavity pressure and the larger outlet cross-section allow the holding pressure to have a better and more intensive effect in the component. All this has an extremely positive effect on the cycle time.
  • The macromolecular chains of the regranulate are not degraded, so the material and component properties are retained.
  • Due to the lower shear, there is almost no increase in the friction-related melt temperature. This has an advantageous effect in processing. With the FDU, there is no or an extremely reduced formation of deposits in the mould. This in turn leads to considerably reduced gas release and odour nuisance at the injection moulding machine.
  • General material fluctuations in the "Recycled Plastics" are compensated for by the large outlet cross-section of the FDU nozzle.
  • Basically, higher proportions of "Recycled Plastics" are possible in components due to the lower shear stress (thermo-mechanical stress) of the melt by the FDU.


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